90 and 45 Degree Elbows

VMS Insul-Jac™ 2-piece aluminum elbow covers are precision formed to provide effective weatherproofing and mechanical protection over 45° and 90° insulated elbows. They are formed from .024” thick 1100 aluminum alloy with moisture barrier protection on the interior surface and a baked-on clear coating on the exterior.

The clear coated exterior surface provides enhanced resistance to oxidation, fading, chalking or other forms of deterioration due to weathering and exposure to corrosive environments.

Aluminum Tees

VMS Tee Covers are designed to offer a custom-like fit, with off-the-shelf convenience and pricing. Our Tee covers applied faster than any other type of tee cover because they are pressed to form two matching halves. Insulation does not need to be routed or rasped at the throat. That means that unnecessary adjustments normally made during installation are minimized or even eliminated.