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Engineer Systems
Engineered Systems Overview
Pre-insulated Panel Systems
Modified H-Bar Systems
Panel & H-Bar Combination Systems
Conventional Subgirt & Lagging Systems
 Subgirt Items
Subgirt Attachment Methods

Metal Jacketing
– 4″ Box Rib Profile Siding
– Flat Sheet
– Aluminum Jacketing
Galvalume AZ-50 Jacketing
Aluminum Cut & Rolled (36″ Wide) Size Chart
7.2″ Rib Siding
Deep Corrugated Sheets
Painted Aluminum Jacketing
Stainless Steel Jacketing
– PVDF-Clad Aluminum Jacketing 

Aluminum Elbows and Tees
– Insul-Jac™ 2-Piece Aluminum Tees
– Insul-Jac™ Aluminum Elbows
– Aluminum Fitting Section Guide

Lagging Accessories
– Strapping & Seals

Prefabricated Solutions
Prefabricated Panels
– Horizontal Panels
Expansion Joint Covers
– Insulation Support Rings
– Metal Mesh Blankets & Miscellaneous Prefabricated Items
– Wire Mesh & Expanded Metals
Personnel Protection Cages

Other Information
– Expansion Springs
– Customized Laser Cutting