Pre-insulated Panel Systems

Primarily designed for lower temperature range projects, such as FGD units, in which moderate thicknesses of insulation can be pre-attached to metal lagging and quickly erected in the field. A variety of insulation products and metal siding materials may be combined to meet a wide range of project requirements.

Modified H-Bar Systems

Designed to address a wide variety of temperatures and other design considerations, such as high wind-loading, extreme thermal expansion and contraction, and the need to create continuous “single plane” insulation envelopes wherever possible. H-bar systems also offer cost-efficient and secure methods for the attachment of both insulation and lagging.

Panel & H-Bar Combination Systems

Typically employed in high-temperature applications where the total insulation thickness requirements can best be achieved by “sharing” the demand between two support and attachment environments. Hybrid systems allow for the labor-saving employment of pre-insulated panels in applications above the temperature ranges for which panels alone would be recommended.

Conventional Subgirt & Lagging Systems

Designed for the support and attachment of lagging (impaled upon pins welded to the “skin” or J-hooked over welded wire mesh or expanded metal). A wide variety of subgirt materials may be employed, including various types and sizes of channel and angle. Often used in combination with other engineered systems.